Braving Politics Together

If you can see your value in everyday life, why not see your value in politics?

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Overcome Barriers

Politics can be a difficult and we may find ourselves feeling overwhelmed by some of the challenges. Click here to learn about and build tools that can help you get ready to take on politics.

Ready to Explore

If you’re eager to get started learning, engaging, and leading in politics, click here.

Bridge Building

Bridge building is essential to helping us promote and create unity. Unity takes practice. Click here to learn the principles of bridge building give you the tools to start making progress in personal conversations and can guide our larger political discussions.


Enjoy listening to Braving Politics Together though our podcast.

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Enter the Issues Portal

Explore the variety of political issues in a variety of ways. Read summaries, share your thoughts, engage in discussions.

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Learn About Political Boundaries

When getting more involved in politics, it’s important to know how to set boundaries and understand your own limitations. Read more about setting healthy boundaries.